100% Organic ingredients and essential oil.
Aromatherapy for happy smiles and beautiful lips!


LEMONGRASS: Because of its antiseptic and astringent properties its great for LIPS+SKIN.


*Shouldn’t be used under direct sun.


CANDELILLA WAX: One of the key ingredients in this BALM. Prevents chapping + heals dry or cracked lips + protects the skin.


COCONUT OIL: Known for its anti-aging properties + keeps LIPS+SKIN healthy and rejuvenated.


SHEA BUTTER: Naturally rich in a number of vitamins. It soothes rough, dry or chapped skin


VITAMIN E: Balances and normalizes the skin. Helps keep it clear and healthy, particularly beneficial for dry or sun-exposed skin.


CALENDULA: It's a great moisturizer for dry skin and for severely chapped or split skin. It helps soothe the area and reduce the pain. It works well on sprained muscles or bruises; its anti-inflammatory action helps lessen swelling from injury.

{Lemongrass} MAGIC BALM


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