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S u s a n a   B e t a n c o u r t


I’m a Colombian born, Miami based Make Up Artist.


I worked in Advertising for over six years back in Colombia. I moved to Miami in 2007, where I met “my Angelita”, the person who introduced me to Make Up, a whole new, never considered before path opened right in front of me. It was the biggest surprise of my life.


I’m always asking myself what can I do to make each moment the best it can be. I enjoy human contact, the adrenaline of the set, the joy of a wedding, traveling and meeting new places and people, seeing new things, that’s what inspires me.


I like working in every kind of production, being part of talented teams and opening my range to new both life and work perspectives.


My job keeps on showing me new ways in which I can develop myself as an artist. Doing brides fills me up with energy. The most special day of your life’s joy it’s contagious and I love being part of that. I love being part of happy stories.


Character development really gears up my creativity, I enjoy it deeply; from research to connecting with the writers, actors and directors; from styling to the full completion of the character.


Currently I am developing one of my dearest dreams: my organic, handcrafted beauty line in which the main ingredient is love! All my creations are organic, vegan, non-toxic and cruelty free. My products are packed with beneficial, healing and therapeutic properties that enhance your skin. For more information about my beauty products, tap here.


I have a lot of dreams for the future, but I like for life to surprise me. That’s why I say make up is my biggest surprise, because every new Project is a new life experience.

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